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Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayaka Chaturthi

Saturday, 22nd of August 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavathi both are Hindu festivals celebrated in the honor of Lord Ganesh (the elephant headed), who is also known for taking off all the obstacles and the god of all beginnings and wisdom.This festival comes in the month of baadhrapada, a starting of shukhla
chatuthi (August and September).This festival is celebrated for whole ten days.

Now a days people make clay idols of Ganesh and put in the public pandals,which are being prayed for ten days with a variety of herbal leaves and plants.At the end of ten days the idol is immersed in a lake
or river or ocean along with the herbal and medicated plants into the water and it is meant/believed that through this herbal leaves the water purified.This is being in practice since years,which makes people free from infections and viral fevers which comes in this season as people in olden days drink water from lakes and ponds.This festival was initially came outward because of Shivaji,especially in Maharastra till today, it is celebrated very grandly.

All over India Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated very grandly and most elobrately in Maharastra,Karnataka and Telangana regions,in other parts of India like western side and south side.Outside of India also it is celebrated in United States,Canada,Singapore,maritius,Malaysia,Burma,Thailand,New Zealand,Cambodia, Fiji and Trinidad by the Hindu’s who settled in these countries.

Stories about Ganesh says that he was the son of goddess Parvati ,wife of Lord Shiva.Once Parvati while bathing made Ganesha out of her sandalwood paste, suddenly the idol came into live and Parvati was very happy to get son and she made him to stand outside of and not to allow anyone while she takes bath.Ganesha stood to guard her mother then, Lord Shiva who gone out when all this was happening came back and shocked to see a boy standing outside of Parvati’s bathroom.Ganesha does not that Shiva was his father and did not allow him in.Then Shiva got very much angry and cut off the Ganesha ‘s head,when Parvati found that the child has died got angry ,then Shiva promised her to bring him back.The guards of Shiva searched for a dead person who is facing north,but they could not
found so. Atlast they found the head of a elephant after a lot of search,then Shiva had fixed the head to the boys body and made him live and from then the boy was called ‘Ganesha’.

Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated by putting the clay models in the pandals. These idols are made a month or few weeks before this festival.This ritual has become day by day as a prestige issue to every one ,as they started establishing idols bigger than one from the other.The pandals are decorated with colorful flowers and beautiful l serial lights,even whole colony is also decorated.They collect money from community people and make this celebrations with that.

The priest comes and performs the pooja to the God Genesha by chanting mantras and performs Vigrah pratista. Coconut, jaggery ,modaks, durva blades of grass and red flowers are offered to god. Ganesha stotra
are being chanted,there also certain other methods and traditions to celebrate this festival.Whole ten days pooja is performed and on the eleventh day visarjan is being done to say end of the festival.Some
people establish the small idols in their homes and also they are personally taken to the visarjan.

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