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Raksha Bandhan in 2020

Raksha Bandhan in 2020

Raksha Bandhan isan Hindu festival which is celebrated all over india irrespective of Religion and Culture.Basically it is celebrated between brothers and sisters and states the bond and relationship of brother and sister.It is called as Rakhi Pournami. Mainly this festival is celebrated by Hindus,Sikhs, and Jains.

This festival is an Ancient festival with many myths and historic legends are linked to it.In ancient days Rajput Queens used to send thread like rakhi as a custom the neighbour kings as to maintain brotherhood on Rakhsa Bandhan.On this day sister’s tie rakhi to their brother’s wrist,to say that her love and prayers for her brother well being,life long he must protect her in times of need.

Usually this festival comes on full moon day(Shravan Poornima) of the Shravan month.In Sanskrit it means ‘the tie or knot of protection’.It is one of the several occasions in which family ties are affirmed in India.This festival is an occasion to celebrate brother-sister like family ties between cousins,sometimes biologically unrelated men and women.It brings all the family and everyone together in all religions.

Women does shopping for Rakhi, the thread marking brother-sister love,before the festival.This festival is full of rituals,which vary region to region in India.A week or month before all girls and women start preparing for this festival as some of their brothers live abroad,it takes time to reach.A rakhi is a simple thread,woven and colorful decorates on top of it.Brothers also do shop for their sisters of their choice gifts.

On this day morning brothers and sisters get together and wear new dress and present infront of their parents,grand parents and other family members.Sister takes a thali with a lamp,brother and sister face eachother,sister put tilak to brother and then ties rakhi on his wrist,after that sister offers sweet to the brother.Now brother gives her gift and love with a promise that he will never or ever leave her in needy times of her life,he will always there to protect her.

In history ,in Bhagvata purana and Vishnu purana it is said that when Vishnu won the three worlds from the king Bali,he was asked to live in his palace,but Vishnu’s wife Laxmi did not like this,then she went to Bali and tied Rakhi to him and in return asked to release Vishnu from his palace.Bali accepted it and let Vishnu to Vaikunta.

In other story of Ganesh,who had 2 sons shubh and labh.On this Rakhi day Ganesh’s sister came and tied Rakhi on his wrist.His 2 sons were very angry with this celebration.They asked their father to give them a sister so that they can also celebrate this festival.But it was not possible.Finally saint Narada appears and says that a daughter can enrich him and his sons,then Ganesh agreed for that and created a daughter named Santhoshi maa,which came out of Ganesh wife’s stomach.From then Shubh and Labh had a sister and loved to protect her.

In Mahabharatha, Krishna considered Draupadi his sister,when krishna has cut his finger while beheading shishupal,Draupadi soon tore off a piece of her saree and bandaged his wound.From then Krishna considered her as his sister.Whenever she was in need,Krishna used to protect her.This can be considered one of the best story to say about Rakhsa Bandhan.

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